Graham Ko and Kompany




Graham Ko – Guit/Vox
Colin Adhikary – Drums
Andrew Philips – Nic
Tateishi – Guit


Fresh. Fun. Catchy. Graham Ko & Kompany are that and more. This Country-Soul-Rock band merges the musical style of John Mayer, Allen Stone and Neil Young. Since forming in 2014 this Toronto based band has played many noteworthy venues such as The Rvioli, The Painted Lady, The Piston, and 3030. The band consists of accomplished musicians that have worked with established musical talents such as Rik Emmett (of triumph), Dnazal Sincliare, Larnell Lewis, and Mikre Stern, to name a few. After releasting two EP's Graham Ko & Kompany are working toward a new single and music video. Stay in touch by following on: Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp.

The Celebration Army




Nelson Sobral – Guit/Vox
Troy Larabie – Drums
Leandro Motta – Bass/Vox
Oliver Pigott – Vox


Ever wonder where the groove went? It enlisted in The Celebration Army. All of it.

The Celebration Army's music strongly harkens to the golden ages of classic rock and R n B (and even to a raw, dirty sort of funk that people tend to keep a naughty secret). Listen to songs like "Black Blue Jeans" and you'll experience a stylistic breadth that takes listeners all the way from frenetic rock to ingenious hooks to driving funk and back again. The Celebration Army grooves in a way that justifies excessive sweating, oddly moist lips, and ugly grimaces of musical hypnosis. Better yet, they give reviewers a chance to write things that would normally be too vague for publications: Troy Larabie lays it down with insanely tight drum work that is also delicious and crispy; Leandro Motta's bass playing is a massive, slippery eel of funk that somehow sounds right at home in a band that is not really a funk band. But it's always better to be specific: Oliver Pigott's powerful and technically stunning voice comes as a great sonic relief in a rock epoch typified by indie singers whose style is best described as vocal ennui; Nelson Sobral's guitar work is a masterclass not only in playing with artful restraint but also in tone craft, he is never pretentious but pulls out every sweet, warm overdrive tone that has ever existed.

Hear The Celebration Army now

The Sky Valley Band




Jess Rempel – Vox
Matt Bagley – Guit
Jordan Ward – Bass
Sean Sweeney – Percussion
Adrian Thomas – Keys


Toronto's The Sky Valley Band came together just last summer, they have a couple of videos that harken back to a much earlier time. The roots-rock outfit have covered Bill Withers' "Grandma's Hands" for the latest edition of the Current Sessions Music Video. Channeling the soulful blues vibes of the original, the new rendition is carried by the vocals of Jess Rempel and lead guitarist Matt Bagley, with drummer Sean Sweeney and bassist Jordan Ward rounding out the lineup and filling in the sound. They have a new addition joining them this summer, Adrian Thomas filling out the vibes on the keys. Getting together as close friends, they decided to share their passions for writing music and joined together to push their own boundaries by writing music that they were the most unfamiliar with which brings us the alternative country-blues group.

Cynthia Fay

PERFORMANCE @ 4:30 p.m.



Cynthia Fay, Indie Jazz Soul singer and songstress, casts a warm spell of sound and a blanket of good vibes through music over her audience with the rich and sultry tone of her voice. The kind of unforgettable voice that tugs at your heart strings gently and makes you remember that in the whirlwind of life, you can escape and relax your mind as you listen to her sweet songs if you open up your mind and your heart.

Her first EP “Rewind” was released on iTunes at age sixteen and she has been song writing and singing all over Toronto. She has performed alongside and learned from some of the top musicians in Canada and the United States, including jazz legend, Sheila Jordan, Denzal Sinclaire, Robi Botos, and Yvette Tollar.

Ave Crux




Identified as a postmodern artist, Ave Crux fuels his work with cathartic lyricism and unapologetic experiences. A poetic writer and an academic in Toronto, his works are known to paint an honest image of an urban rap artist stuck between tackling multiple characters; a storyteller of woes – his words resonate as the Edgar Allan Poe of rap.

Purely a self-taught musician and audio nerd, his works dig deeper than the records he samples from dollar bins in Toronto’s vintage record stores. A boom-bap, neo-soul, trap-jazz, alternative rapper – he established his own specialist genre that not many artists are confident enough to approach. He records, produces, and engineers all of his work with staggering quality as and doubles as an experienced fine artist. His latest self-produced tape, The Expressionist features many records he sampled from soul-esque genres and contains stories of his mental obscurity and odes to past experiences. He has collaborated with many artists in Toronto as well as in the United States (Siryss Da King, NAK, T.Y.J., Pharaoh, and Elyonbeats to name a few). Currently, he has a growing unique following of over 4,000 collectively in all of his social media platforms. His rendition of “The Hills” (originally by the Weeknd) featuring Paulo Amor was aired across Canada by CHIN Television International in 2015. You can find his music, videos, social platforms, and many other mediums of artwork at his personal website:





Yucifer is a 19 year old Hip Hop artist from Sauga City. He dropped his first mixtape in 2014 titled “Your New Favourite Rapper” to a great positive response as well as a step towards some exciting collaborations. These collaborations included tracks with Rajan, Humble the Poet, and Sickick. His 4th mixtape “Welcome to the Wave” will be coming out this Summer 2016.





Based out of Toronto, ColinResponse has toured Canada and abroad to share the stage with many popular Canadian and International artists including Lights, Down with Webster and Sean Kingston. driven from the influences fo artists like Michael Jackson & Bruno Mars, this charismatic front man hits the stage with his crew of six – performing upbeat Pop/Soul music that has a reputation for taking control of any audience.

After his first main-stage showcase for the Canadian Organization of Campus Activities (COCA) in 2014, ColinResponse began dominating the college and university circuit – securing bookings with Kardinal Offishall, Trevor Guthrie and the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff. It wasn't until July 2014 that he represented Canada, alongside artists Erykah Badu, Sinead OConnor and Wycler Jean at one of Europe's largest festivals, the Blues Passions Festival in Cognac, France –  an honour bestowed upon him after being crowned the winner of Hennessy Artistry's Global Talent Quest out of over two thousand entries from around the world.

Now in 2016 this independent artist boasts endorsement from the largest luxury brand in the world LVMH (Louis Vuitton •  Moet Hennessy). With the support of Hennessy, ColinResponse prepares for the international release of his self-titled album this fall.